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Sunday, March 8

What Are You The Goddess Of?

I was watching Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane on television a few days ago (I know, a guilty pleasure), and during one of the breaks a particular commercial stood out among the bunch. It was that of Gillette’s Venus razor which boast the statement, “Every woman is a goddess of something.” Now, I’ve been referring to myself as a goddess for quite some time, but this commercial made me ponder about what I am the goddess of.

I had soon forgotten about what was happening on Kimora and found myself in deep thought. I decided that whatever it is that I’m the goddess of should be summed up in one word and encompass the essence of me. Whew, not exactly an easy task.

I continued thinking...confidence...that’s it! I would call myself the Goddess of Confidence. Afterall, I had been referred to as a confident individual by friends and family members since I was a little girl. I was always the one who would set out to do the unthinkable (or unattainable as some would put it) and develop a plan to achieve my goal. But after thinking some more, I decided that I didn’t want to be remembered as the Goddess of Confidence. Yes, this was true about me, but it didn’t necessarily embody enough of the person I am.

So subsequent thoughts lead me to love. I’d call myself the Goddess of Love because I’ve often found myself in unwanted situations all in the name of love. But that thought only lingered for a minute before I admitted to myself that I have a lot more to learn about true unconditional love before I could comfortably don the title. And besides, Venus and Aphrodite already have claims on this one.

Then multiple words began streaming through my mind. Goddess of….mediation, logic, focus, sassiness, honesty, tenacity, determination, hustle. I started to get frustrated because all of these words only described a small part of who I am. So, I took a break from titling myself and returned my attention to the show.

As soon as I did that, it came to me in such an easy, unforced way. Light. I am the Goddess of Light.

My mom and aunties used to tell me that I light up a room when I enter it. They would say that it’s never hard to notice me. I credit this light to my personality. Ironically, my co-workers, church family, classmates and volunteer buddies have all agreed. The interesting thing, though, is that their comments reveal my representation of light on several levels. I’ve been notoriously known to shed light or uncover a different perspective on topics of conversation. I credit this light to my search for wisdom. I’ve also been told that there is a light that radiates from my very being. I credit this light to my relationship with God. And interestingly enough, my name, Candace, means “bright, glittering light.”

So from now on, I won’t simply call myself a goddess, but instead the Goddess of Light. And “this little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine.”

So, what’s your word? What are you the goddess of? If you know it, declare it. If not, discover it.

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