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Friday, October 22

Goddess Inspiration: Common

Thursday, October 21

Like A Dog With A Collar

Last Sunday, in the middle of his sermon, my preacher told a story….Several years ago he went hunting with his buddy and a few dogs. They were in the woods having a good ole time, so it wasn’t until the end of the trip that his buddy realized one of his hunting dogs was missing.

They searched high, low and wide for the dog but had no luck in finding him. They didn’t want to leave without him, but the setting sun didn’t give them much of a choice. So, they drove back to their lodge, and prepared themselves to leave the next morning.

Early the next morning, my preacher’s buddy awoke to a phone call from his wife. She asked him if he lost his dog. He said that he had. She then told him that a man who lived in a house near their hunting site found his dog and called the number engraved on the collar. My preacher’s friend couldn’t have been happier.

So, they drove back to the hunting site and found their way to the man’s house to pick up the missing dog.

And that was the end of the story.

I thought it was a nice story with a happy ending, but I was a little bit confused about how it connected to his sermon. (But I wasn’t confused for very long).

My preacher likened us, God’s children, to the lost dog. He explained that, like the dog, no matter how lost we are or how far we stray, God has placed a collar on us to remind us who we belong to and aid us in returning to our owner.

Life’s obstacles, consequences and setbacks can easily make us feel disillusioned and cause us to lose faith in God and distance ourselves from Him. But we will likely not develop into the divine, powerful, balanced women God intended us to be without a close relationship with Him. Because having a close relationship with Him equates to having a close relationship with ourselves, our inner goddesses.

So if, for whatever reason, you find yourself lost in a place of hopelessness or spiritual bankruptcy, remember that you are like a dog with a collar and soon enough you’ll be returned to your owner.

Monday, October 18

'Show Us Your Goddess' Photo Contest Winner: Keisha B.

Congratulations to our "Show Us Your Goddess" Photo Contest Winner, Keisha B, who won a $50 Goddess Zuri gift certificate. Check out her goddess.

Hometown: East Orange, NJ.
Hobbies: shopping as my therapy, reading, writing as my creative outlet, and checking out new places to visit or hang out.
How long have you been natural?: I've been natural since April 2008.
What does your natural hair say about you?: My natural hair exemplifies my freedom of expression and my spunky personality. I allow my hair to do the talking!
What makes you a fly goddess?: I'm a fly goddess because not only am I always dressed to kill, but 9 times out of 10, I'll never look the same. I like to call myself a chameleon, especially with my different hairstyles. With beauty and brains, you can never go wrong ;)
What advice do you have for women who are trying to free their goddess?: The advice I have for women who are trying to free their goddess is take a risk. Be bold and daring! Confidence is key. When you show you have confidence, everyone around you sees your aura and becomes attracted to you. They want to know what you have that they don't. So shine, what are you waiting for?!

Sunday, October 17

I'm Thinking Egypt

In fall 2008, I was inspired to take a solo trip to Ubud, Indonesia after reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s novel, Eat Pray Love, which was turned into a motion picture this earlier this year.

This was my first trip equipped with a firsthand opportunity to keenly observe another culture, one pretty different from my own. I watched children on schoolyard grounds learning traditional Indonesia dances. I saw families living in compounds. I watched young people eating off banana leaves. (There’s some great vegetarian food in Indonesia). I noticed men, women and kids riding around on motorpads and bicycles, common forms of transportation. And I observed old ladies matting bamboo and old men carving wooden doors.

After this trip, I decided that I was going to visit a faraway place each year to broaden my perspective and understanding of living. (I didn’t take a trip last year because the recession left me a bit reserved about spending large sums of money on traveling. But this year, the agreement I made with myself was back in effect).

I took a vacation to Germany last month to visit my brother. We traveled around Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands during my two week stay, and what I found was that Europeans are opening affectionate. Kissing, hand-holding and butt-rubbing was everywhere. The stigmas placed on sexuality in the United States hardly existed in Europe. Sex is so free that it’s common to see porn on regular television during primetime. I also saw people smoking marijuana in coffee houses and on the streets of Holland, another activity void of the taboos that we see in the states. I noticed the great fashion of Europe. Almost every person that walked by (males included) had a certain flyness about her/him. But one of the biggest surprises was when I saw all of nature’s lushness around me. I envisioned the countries I visited to be super developed, with signs and billboards everywhere advertising this and that. I was wrong. Instead, I saw trees, lots of undeveloped land, farms, and vineyards.

Both of these trips helped me realize that life is about balance, and different cultures engage in different activities and uphold different values to achieve that balance. I'm already pondering about where I want to visit next year. Because next year, I turn 30.

And right now, I’m thinking Egypt.

I Love My Hair

Some of you may have already seen this. Sesame Street created a video to encourage black girls to love their hair. Goddess Zuri wants to know what you think.

Tuesday, October 12

Thank You NC A&T: Homecoming 2010

Goddess Zuri had a great time this past weekend at North Carolina A&T's homecoming.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by our tent to check out our shirts and jewelry. As a special thank you to those who signed up for our newsletter, we're offering you 20% off our entire site thru Friday.

Check your email for the coupon code to use at check out!

Tuesday, October 5

'Show Us Your Goddess' Photo Contest!

Goddess Zuri wants you to "Show Us Your Goddess!" by uploading your fiercest, funkiest, boldest, sassiest picture to our fanpage on Facebook under 'fan photos.' One lucky winner will receive a $50 Goddess Zuri gift certificate and be featured in an article on Free The Goddess blog.

Every woman has an inner goddess, a divine feminine power that allows her to be sexy, graceful, in control and balanced- without effort. So, Show Us Your Goddess!

Contest starts today and ends on Friday, October 15th. Winner announced on Tuesday, October 19th.

Monday, October 4

Goddess Zuri: Vending at NC A&T's Homecoming

Goddess Zuri is packing up the inventory and heading to NC A&T this weekend for homecoming! Stop by our booth in the Vending Pavilion Friday, Saturday, Sunday October 8th-10th between 11 am and 6 pm to take advantage of exclusive deals on tees and earrings.

Tell all of your natural bellas in the Greensboro area!