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Tuesday, February 22

Practice of Meditation From James Allen

If you're a pretty frequent reader of freethegoddess, you should know by now that I love reading philosopher James Allen's work.

I'm in the process of reading The Master of Destiny, and one of its chapters is called Practice of Meditation.

The chapter opens with, "When aspiration is united to concentration, the result is meditation." Nice.

Upon reading this section, I thought about whether or not I had ever involved myself in serious meditation. I pray consistently, but I had to ask myself if that was the same as meditating.

Allen continues this chapter with writing, "When a man intensely desires to reach and realize a higher, purer, and more radiant life than the merely worldly and pleasure loving life, he engages in aspiration; and when he earnestly concentrates his thoughts upon the finding of that life, he practices meditation. "

After reading on, I realized that, yes, I had mediated in the past, but it wasn't a regular practice. So, I decided that that this morning would mark the beginning of my efforts to meditate more. I got out of bed, walked a few paces over to my yoga mat, and plopped down with my legs crossed. I put my hands on my knees, closed my eyes and brought my mind into focus. Every now and then it would drift and think about the tasks I needed to complete for the day or how cold it was in the room. At the realization of my lack of focus, though, I'd immediately recenter my attention. In the end, it was quite a nice 20-minutes experience. But I found, as James Allen states, "Meditation is more difficult to practice than concentration...."

If you are a little green when it comes to meditating , like me, you might find the below suggestions from James Allen helpful on when (and when not) to meditate.

Times, Places and Conditions in which Meditation is Impossible
1. At, or immediately after, meals
2. In places of pleasure
3. In crowded places
4. While walking rapidly
5. While lying in bed in the morning
6. While smoking
7. While lying on a couch or bed for physical or mental relaxation

Times, Places, and Conditions in which Meditation is Difficult
1. At night
2. In a luxuriously furnished room
3. While sitting on a soft, yielding seat
4. While wearing gay clothing
5. When in company
6. When the body is weary
7. If the body is given too much food

Times, Places, and Conditions in which it is Best to Meditate
1. Very early in the morning
2. Immediately before meals
3. In solitude
4. In the open air or in a plainly furnished room
5. While sitting on a hard seat
6. When the body is strong and vigorous
7. When the body is modestly and plainly clothed

For more on James Allen's work, visit

Friday, February 18

I Just Think She's Fly: Yaya

I became a Yaya fan during cycle 3 of America's Next Top Model. She's absolutely gorgeous!

I became more of a fan when I found out that she wasn't just some aspiring model looking for a quick break on a widely-broadcasted reality TV show. She was doing the damn thang before then!

Yaya is a graduate of Brown University with degrees in International Relations and African Studeies. And she's fluent in mutiple languages, including Portuguese, Spanish and French. By the reports, Yaya has been dancing and modeling for the majority of her life, and I get the sense from reading her story that she would have been hugely successful without the reality show (though, it did help).

Yaya serves as a perfect reminder that the Universe will align perfectly for us and big breaks will come once we commit to putting in diligent work and staying true to the best that is within us.

Friday, February 11

Goddess Inspiration: Christian D. Larson

Wednesday, February 9

From Conversation To Video: Finding Your Life's Purpose

I have so many fascinating conversations with my girlfriends, ranging in topic from the power of women to haircare to negative relationships. One day, my friend and I were discussing our purpose in life when she determined that our conversation should be turned into a video. I was game. So, we called up another girlfriend with the idea, and she was game too.

Our dialogue is typically very real and completely unsugar-coated, so I was a little confused about how it would translate to video. And you'll notice below that this one carries a light-hearted tone because we couldn't stop laughing at the idea that we were taping ourselves. But in between our giggles, you find useful tips on how you can go about discovering your life's purpose.

If we continue doing these, I promise we'll get better.....(and use better lighting)

**and because we're silly, we took on different names in this video.

Tuesday, February 8

CONTEST: Do You Put the GO in GOddess?

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Monday, February 7

The Goddess Code: "O" Explained

What composes a Goddess? In seven posts over the course of the year, I will use the letters that spell “Goddess” to explain what she is truly made of. G is for Graceful.

O is for Optimistic. Anticipating the best possible outcome. A goddess knows she can mold every situation to her liking through positive thoughts and actions. She understands that at the back of every occurrence, there is a lesson to be learned and experience to be gained. So, she focuses not on the situation itself but instead the message it carries.

Her optimism is rooted in reality and faith, and it prevents her from defeating (or giving up on) herself. It is her optimism that gives her momentum and allows her to rebound from job-loss, remain open after heartbreak, move past disappointment, and persevere through complacency. In essence, her optimistic perspective permits her to enjoy life despite life.

It is oftentimes easier for people to wallow in their less-than-favorable circumstances, seek sympathy, and ask "why me?" But a goddess waste little time following these thought processes because she knows she is as she thinks. And to bring out the best in her, she knows she must not merely exist. But she must live--with optimism.

In a snapshot, a goddess is Graceful and Optimistic. And she:

Glows with

Goddess of the Week: Janice B.

Name: Janice B.
Hometown: Houston, TX
Hobbies: traveling, blogging, watching documentaries, researching, and of course listening to all sorts of music.
What makes you a fly goddess?: The fact that I follow my dreams and place foot, tooth, brain, nail, melanin, bones, and blood into manifesting them, is one of the reasons why I feel like a fly goddess. I genuinely love what I do, and am very grateful to be able to make a living from it. Additionally, I choose to seek understanding and value each relationship and situation beyond its “surface material.” I live life abundantly, and I aim to continue to be a resource to all people around me.
What advice do you have for women who are trying to free their goddess?: Just a few notes...
1. Live life abundantly. Scarcity and competition is an illusion.
2. Goddess be nimble. – Change comes in the form of evolution and revolution. Be prepared for both, and embrace it.
3. Mind your mind.
4. Everything you know and feel isn’t public property, nor should it ever be. If you leave your “items” on a “community table”, don’t be upset with what is done with it
5. This is life, life is good, NO exceptions.

For more information on Janice and what she's up to, check her out on the web.

Wednesday, February 2

Mastery of Fate

I have a soft spot for books that encourage readers to dream big, think positive, love life and have faith. One of my favorites that falls into this motivational category is As a Man Thinketh by James Allen. I often re-read it when I feel a bit unmotivated and unfocused, and it never fails to get me back on track.

Another rousing book I discovered recently is Mastery of Fate by Christian D. Larson. I wanted to know more about Larson after reading and loving a quote from him that I found on a magnet. So, I searched on Amazon and came across several of his works. After reading the opening lines of Mastery of Fate, I ordered it.

The book begins, “What man is, and what man does, determines in what conditions, circumstances and environments he shall be placed. And since man can change both himself and his actions, he can determine what his fate is to be. To change himself, man must change his thought, because man is as he thinks; and to change his actions, he must change the purpose of his life, because every action is consciously or unconsciously inspired by the purpose held in view.”

This little book is powerful. Every word on each of its 95 pages instantly motivated and inspired me to shape my future and mold my destiny. Each goddess should read it and keep it close to reference. You can download it for free here.

Tuesday, February 1

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