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Friday, November 27

Goddess Inspiration: Johann Von Goethe

Thursday, November 26

Video: Lazy Natural

Customer at NC A&T talks about what kind of natural hair he likes.

So Much To Be Thankful For

I shouldn't wait until Thanksgiving to reflect on and write about the things I'm thankful for...but here we go.

I'm thankful for my God-given talents and having enough self-awareness and doing enough introspection to recognize them and use them.

I'm thankful for my family and friends who want to see and help me do better, get better, live better, achieve better.

I'm thankful for all the obstacles that forced me to lean on God, increase my faith, dig deeper, try harder.

I'm thankful for the ability to appreciate life's simple pleasures: reading a book outside, eating gummy bears, running through my neighborhood, driving with the windows down and grooving to my favorite song.

I'm thankful for each past relationship and the opportunities for growth that they revealed.

I'm especially thankful for my dad (who always tell me, "never defeat yourself"), my mom (who says, "no matter what, you go girl!"), my brother (who always encourages me to "keep it movin"), and my grandmother (who's favorite advice is, "be sweet").

Monday, November 23

Goddess Zuri Has New Long Sleeve Tees!

Goddess Zuri has two new long sleeve thermal tees just in time for the holidays! And we've got a special offer to introduce them to you: When you buy either of these new tees, you can get our Goddess Tee for only $5.00! So, keep one for yourself and gift the other, gift both or keep both! Offer available at check out.

100% Natural Long Sleeve: 100% Natural. No artificial ingredients. No additives. This slim-fitting, 100% cotton waffle thermal crew was made specifically for women who are rocking what God gave them. Real hair. Real nails. Real eyes. Real assets.
-Color- black with meallic silver imprint.
-This garment has been dyed/washed for a super soft hand.

I'm A Natural Long Sleeve: If you're a natual woman, natural beauty or natural diva, this is the shirt for you! This slim-fitting, 100% cotton waffle thermal crew was made specifically for women who are naturally fresh, naturally fly and naturally fabulous!
-Color- black or emerald with meallic silver imprint.
-This garment has been dyed/washed for a super soft hand.

Helpful Hints: Shirts fit true to size, but if you want a little extra room, go one size up.
-For longevity, machine wash cold, hang dry.

**Please consider buying one of your holiday gifts from Goddess Zuri!!

Sunday, November 22

Gonna Do Right By My Hair

I've made a do right by my hair. With natural hair, it's easy to let your ends go, skip a day of moisturizing, go a few days without detangling, etc because the effects are quite as noticeable as they are on permed hair.

Well, I went to the salon recently for a trim (can't even remember the last time I had one), and instead got a cut. My ends were so bad, the stylist had to cut off more hair than I anticipated.

That experience encouraged me to get serious about my haircare. Now, I wasn't taking bad care of my hair, per se, but I could have been doing a heck of a lot better.

So, I'm turning over a new leaf. I've stocked up on some new styling products (at the recommendation of my natural bella friend), established a new care regiment, and committed to taking better care of my hair. I've also issued myself a challenge....6 inches of hair growth in a year.

Stay tuned for progress on my goal.....

Thursday, November 19

Goddess Zuri Has Permanently Reduced Inventory: Big, Kinky, Long Tees

We only have a few Big, Kinky and Long tees left. So we're selling them at a reduced price to make room for new tees!

These make great birthday, holiday or anyday gifts for you and other natural bellas. Don't miss out!. Reg. $25. Sale. $15.

Visit for more information.

Thursday, November 12

Goddess Inspiration: Margaret Fuller

Sunday, November 8

I Just Think She's Fly: Laura Izibor

I must admit....I wasn't really on Laura Izibor until my boy Jeff H. downloaded her cd, Let The Truth Be Told, for me. Now, the cd stays on repeat.

Every goddess needs to listen to the first song on her album, Shine (It's the first song on my November playlist). Definitely a feel good, inspirational song.

If you find yourself stuck in the place that Izibor describes.......follow her advice and, "Let the sun shine on your face, don't let your life go to waste, now is the time--got to make up your mind, let it shine on you."

And besides having a fresh new voice and style, I just think she's fly!

Goddess Art: Aqua Adorned

Aqua Adorned by Michael A. Brown

This sista exudes so much of what a goddess represents....effortless confidence, sexiness, grace, humbleness, versatility, strength and beauty. It looks like she is looking at herself and recognizing her own flyness, which makes validation from others unnecessary. She looks so calm and free.

If I could put into picture the kind of goddess I want to be, this would be pretty close.

Wednesday, November 4

Make New Year's Day Every Day

It’s almost that time…when most people take an inventory of their lives and reprioritize based on their analysis. Yep, the New Year is almost here. But why do we wait until the New Year to rethink our priorities and make resolutions? If our priorties seem out of whack, why don’t we make adjustments at the moment of realization? If we’re in a stagnant relationship, why do we wait until the New Year to move on? If we participate in draining friendships, why to we wait until January to let them go? If we’re 10 pounds over weight, why do we hold off on a commitment to drop it until after the holidays? If we’re not making time for ourselves now, why do we wait until the beginning of the year to free up some time? I must admit that I fall victim to the resolution hype, too. Probably because there’s so much commercialism surrounding it. But I don’t have to. None of us do.

I have a friend who declares her new year begins November 1st. She’s doing better than most of us who wait until January, but I would challenge all of us to think of everyday as a new year, a new beginning, and give ourselves permission to make adjustments and refocus on a daily basis. There’s no need to wait. We must also remember that the longer we delay an action after we’ve realized the issue or problem, we longer we keep our goddess confined.

So, vow to yourselves to save, exercise, say no or let go today. And everyday.

Goddess Inspiration: Roy Blauss

Monday, November 2

Thank You NC A&T

Thanks to everyone who stopped by Goddess Zuri's booth at NC A&T's homecoming this past weekend. You didn't let the rain stop you!

Until next time, you can keep up with Goddess Zuri byvisiting us at, subscribing to our blog, Free The Goddess, or becoming a fan on facebook.

Aggie Pride!