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Monday, April 27

Goddess of the Week: Donna B.

Name: Donna B.
City: CITY OF BROTHERLY LOVE & Sisterly Affection, PA
Hobbies: reading, writing, attending art/cultural expos, business seminars/workshops, exercising, dancing, rollerblading, interior decorating, cooking, and shopping
What makes you a fly goddess?: I am a Flyy Goddess. Why??? Because. My FATHER told me so. HE has freed me, saved me and elevated me to new heights. HE has blessed me with so many unique & varied talents. I BRING IT… no other. HE is teaching me to fly, so that I may soar. Slowly coaxing me out of my cocoon; and transforming me into the beautiful, rare, and exotic “Better-Fly” that HE knows I can be - allowing me to smell the roses, and taste different “nectars” along the way.
Advice for women trying to free their goddess: I call this my “3 PM” Playbook. PRAY….PRAY….PRAY….MOVE! So many times we pray for guidance, and then we do the OPPOSITE of what we prayed for. Whether you’re praying to become a better parent; to find a committed partner; to remain happily single; or praying for your overall well-being, you have to MOVE in harmony with your prayers. You can’t pray for HIM to guide your footsteps, if you are unwilling to MOVE your feet.

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