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Thursday, May 14

Now Is The Right Time

I frequent a little giftshop in town that sells everything from home accessories to decorative paper to books and cards. As I was looking around, I eventually stopped at a small rack to read a few quotable magnets. Never Ever Ever Give Up. Life Is Not About Finding Yourself, Life Is About Creating Yourself. Whatever You Are, Be A Good One.

I was getting inspired, and now I was determined to find the perfect magnet with the perfect message to don on my refrigerator. I looked and looked and looked, and then I found it. Now Is The Right Time.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve blamed timing on my inability to act. Even though I badly wanted to cut my hair off and go natural, it took me two years to do so because I thought I should wait until after college and secure a job first. I was also conflicted between which ideal of beauty I should satisfy: mine or society’s. I should have started my business, Goddess Zuri, about two years earlier than I did, but I convinced myself that I wasn’t ready. I’ve been interested in interior decorating for a long time, but I persuaded myself into thinking that marketing was a better and more stable career route for me and that I should just stick with it.

There were many times in my life that I let fear get in the way and cripple my ability to take risks and move forward. But somewhere in the midst of all the fear, I finally realized that there would never be a perfectly right moment for me to cut my hair off. I would always get criticism from someone for exchanging my long brown locks for tight coils. There would never be a perfect moment for me to start a business. I would always have to look for ways to finance it, market it and grow it. There would never be a perfect time for me to go back to school, start exploring an interest, and plan for a career change. I would always have bills and be required to recondition my mind as a student.

Actually, there was a right time for all of these decisions in my life and all of the decisions you may be facing currently. And that time is now.

I picked up the magnet, made my way to the register, found my way home and place it in the middle of my refrigerator door.

Now is the time to free your goddess.

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