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Tuesday, June 30

Goddess of the Week. Tonica C.

Name: Tonica C.
City: Home of the Cheesesteak, PA
Hobbies: Reading, shopping, listening to music, spending time with loved ones, meeting new people, dancing, going to the park, and body art.
What makes you a fly goddess?: My two beautiful children. These two little people have such a powerful impact on my life. All that I do revolves around them. They are the reason that I had the strength to further my education by going back to school, as well as the reason that I had the courage to get my own business started and make it successful. They give my life a meaning, focus, and a joy that I had no right to expect. I know within myself as their mother and father, that there is nothing that I wouldn't do for them--nothing I wouldn't do to see them smile, no life I wouldn't sacrifice (including my own) to save theirs. They are my moon and stars, my husband and wife, my heart and soul, my Son and Daughter. My children make me a FLY GODDESS !!
What advice do you have for women trying to free their goddess?: Keep GOD and your children at the head of all that you do, and let everything else fall in line behind. All else will fall into place.

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