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Friday, July 31

Candace Avont: Goddess on the Rise

Was a scrawny girl. Boys didn't look my way. Wasn't down enough for the cool kids. But unwilling to conform to save face. English was broken. Clothes not baggy. Often the token. So they'd often laugh at me. Got to know God early. Prayed to be different. So, different He made me. Didn't notice any changes. Because my mind lacked clarity. Kept praying with sincerity. Became a student of myself. Eyes finally opened up to see I belonged on the top shelf. Gained confidence and certainty of who I was to be. Now grown men turn around to get another look at me. Not because I'm fine. But because of the glow. That comes from the connection I have to my soul. No one's laughing anymore. Only asking questions. What can I do to be more like you? So I start with the lessons. Rule number one, know thy self. If not, blind to everyone else. Wisdom seeker. Knowledge keeper. With my chin to the skies. Nothing more or less than a Goddess on the Rise.


Ebony said...

Love it! That was my status almost verbatim for one on my descriptions of what I desire in a man. I have no problem with letting go and following, but he has to be led by God. If he is led by God there's no failure. But if he leans on his own understanding "we" will surly fail.

Shannon Plummer said...

i LOVE this Candace!