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Thursday, July 23

Goddess Zuri Sale: All Naugh-Tees for $15: Sale Ends Friday!!!!

*Sale Ends Friday!!!* For a limited time only, all Naugh-Tees are on sale for $15. Regular price $23-25. Don't miss out! Decide which one is right for you:

Big: The bigger the better…or so they say. This 100% cotton, slim-fitting tee was made specifically for those girls who fro and go! Color- dark brown.

Kinky: If you like yours kinky, then this 100% cotton, slim-fitting tee is for you. This design features Goddess Zuri sporting wild kinks in a diamond pattern. Follow suit, and rock your kinks! Color- dark magenta. Looks great with kinks that have a mind of their own.

Short: In this case, size doesn’t matter. This tee slim-fitting, 100% cotton tee features Goddess Zuri sporting short and sexy natural curls. Color- black. Looks great on the bold and the beautiful.

Long: This tee was made especially for ladies who’ve outgrown getting kinky and going big. Goddess Zuri understands that you like it long and strong, so this is for you. This tee is slim-fitting and made with 100% cotton. Color- cream. **Customer feedback says that this shirt runs one size big.

Big Ones: We’re talking about dreams here. This 100% cotton, slim-fitting tank was made especially for all the young, beautiful dreamers in the universe. Color- Black. Looks great on ladies who are known for their big dreams rather than their big Ds.

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