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Wednesday, August 19

It's The Little Things

Guys don’t just don’t get. No matter how many times we tell them, gently remind them, or hint to them; they just don’t get it.

We had a great conversation going. We were laughing, exchanging stories and experiences, and enjoying each other’s time. Then he got a beep. It was his mom, so he said he’d call me back. But he never did.

We talked several times throughout the day. He mentioned that he would stop by after work. He called while I was out running, so I missed him. But I called him back when I returned. He was out eating with some friends but said he would call me in a few to let me know if he was going to come over. But he never did.

So, I try to hint how important it was to me for a guy to keep his word, no matter how big or small. It seemed like he got it. Because he got better. But then….

I went to a friend’s party. He was supposed to call me to let me know if he was going to meet me there. But he never did.

I grew more frustrated and reiterated that I needed him to keep his word. And just when I thought he understood….

He came over to hang out before watching the game with his boys. He told me he’d call me later, once the game ended and he got back to his house. But he never did.

Guys just don’t understand how much the little things matter. They don’t understand that if they say they’re going to call back then they actually should. They don’t quite comprehend how important it is to follow through on their word, no matter how big or small. They think all they have to do is wine and dine and sprinkle in a few other fancy dates. But they fail to realize that we’d give them so much more credit if their attention was on the details.


Georgy said...

I totally agree with you. My boyfriend do that to me all the things and its frustrate the hell out of me.

donna said...

sweetie.....go M.I.A. on him? and guess what...He'll call. Matter of fact, he'll start blowing up your phone. From my experience (coming from a 40yr old woman) sometimes when we pay too much attention, waiting for them to call...they don't. (I think the male ego gets in the way, cause he did'nt forget to call..Trust me) Ignore him. Men hate to be ignored. Don't sit by waiting for him to call or come over for that matter, sometimes you have to make yourself UNAVAILABLE...and he'll call. Guaranteed. :)

Candace Avont said...

Georgy, thanks for feeling me and Donna, you are so so right! You sound like some of my more experienced friends who give me that kind of insight all the time. I have to do better!

donna said...

lol...don't worry girl...we've all been through it. And yes, in my twenties, I did that...wondering why, when, how come he ain't....girl please! One thing that men hate, and that is...being ingnored, not saying completely forget about him...but become less available. Let him call several times and there's no answer. And you answer.."No I was busy" or "had to take care of some business" and mean it! ...TRUST....BTW Love, Love, Love your blog-still. This is Donna B.- you selected me as one of your goddess of the week several months ago. Stay Positive and keep inspiring.

Candace Avont said...

Thanks Donna! for the words and being my Goddess of the Week. I'm definitely going to take your advice. I might even have to write a follow up.