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Monday, September 28

Thanks, Jay, For The Reminder!

My 10 year high school reunion was this past Saturday night. When I initially heard about the reunion plans about two months ago, I was very excited about going and reminiscing with my old clique about pep rallies, football games, high school flings, teachers, and students. So, as we got closer to the reunion date, I prepared to attend. I cleared my schedule, decided on an outfit, and contacted my friends to make sure they were going.

Most of them also planned to attend, and they shared the same excitement about reconnecting with old classmates as me. So, we were set…until reunion plans started to change about two weeks before the actual event. And as plans began to change, so did my friends’ minds. They lost confidence in the reunion and decided not to attend. They figured they’d be better off chillin’ at home, watching college football or working.

So, there was just me, but I wasn’t backing out. A 10 year high school reunion is one of those unique and rare events that happens only once. So I went and had a good time. I observed how people had changed or stayed the same. I shook a tail-feather. And I talked to folks I hadn’t seen since graduation. One of those people was Jay.

Jay and I went to middle and high school together and took many of the same classes throughout. And we were both Mock Trial club members. Little did I know, however, that “mock” trial had materialized into “real” trial for Jay as he serves as a public defender in South Carolina.

As Jay and I were talking, he mentioned to me how much he loved his job. He said although he didn’t make as much money as his some of his other lawyer friends, he found great joy in helping people redirect their paths. Later Jay revealed that he, one day, wanted to get married and have children but didn’t exactly know how he’d be able to support a family on a public defender’s salary. As the conversation continued, he admitted that there had been times when he struggled internally with the notion that he should be getting paid more money as an attorney but eventually resolved that God wouldn’t leave him hanging as long as he pursued his passion and found purpose in his life. And he feels he’s on the right path.

Let me pause to say that many of us have been here or are currently at this point…the point where we realize what we’re doing may not turn out to be the most financially abundant career. For some of us, like Jay, we look beyond the money because we are abundantly fulfilled with the work that we do. For others of us, though, we start paper chasing and settle with higher paying jobs at Happiness’s expense.

I thoroughly enjoyed my conversation with Jay because it brought me back to the question, “Am I doing what I really love in life? Do I trust God to take care of me as long as I pursue my passion and purpose?” But, it’s not just a question for me. It’s for all of us. And the sooner we becomes students of ourselves, learn our strengths, discover our passions, pursue our purpose and rely on God to take care of us, the sooner we free our goddess.

Thanks Jay for the reminder.

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