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Wednesday, November 4

Make New Year's Day Every Day

It’s almost that time…when most people take an inventory of their lives and reprioritize based on their analysis. Yep, the New Year is almost here. But why do we wait until the New Year to rethink our priorities and make resolutions? If our priorties seem out of whack, why don’t we make adjustments at the moment of realization? If we’re in a stagnant relationship, why do we wait until the New Year to move on? If we participate in draining friendships, why to we wait until January to let them go? If we’re 10 pounds over weight, why do we hold off on a commitment to drop it until after the holidays? If we’re not making time for ourselves now, why do we wait until the beginning of the year to free up some time? I must admit that I fall victim to the resolution hype, too. Probably because there’s so much commercialism surrounding it. But I don’t have to. None of us do.

I have a friend who declares her new year begins November 1st. She’s doing better than most of us who wait until January, but I would challenge all of us to think of everyday as a new year, a new beginning, and give ourselves permission to make adjustments and refocus on a daily basis. There’s no need to wait. We must also remember that the longer we delay an action after we’ve realized the issue or problem, we longer we keep our goddess confined.

So, vow to yourselves to save, exercise, say no or let go today. And everyday.