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Monday, December 14

Be The Source Of Your Own Happiness

"To be happy for an hour, get drunk; to be happy for a year, fall in love; to be happy for life, take up gardening." -Chinese Proverb

I was working my parttime job on Saturday and got bored walking the floor and greeting the same customers. So, I decided to pick up one of the quote books that we sell. As I started flipping through the pages, the above quote literally jumped off the paper and grabbed my attention.

It's one succinct statement affirming that happiness is temporary when derived from a substance or thing, and it's fleeting when dependent on another person. But when you become the source of your own happiness, it becomes everlasting.

This quote and its meaning reinforces the importance for each goddess to discover her strengths, explore her interests and find her purpose in life. Because it is these things that will keep us motivated when the buzz wears off, enhance our living when he starts acting up and ultimately renew our ability to dance in the rain.

Now it's time to ask yourself, are you on a path to be happy for life?

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