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Monday, February 15

I just Think She's Fly: Vivian Green

Love her!

Brief background: Vivian Green grew up in Philadelphia, where she started singing at an early age. She began playing the piano at age eight and writing songs when she was 11. At 13, she joined a girl group called Younique. Her break came when she was hired as a backup singer for Jill Scott, who took her on tour internationally. That connection eventually led to record company interest, and Green signed to Columbia Records in November 2001. Her debut album, A Love Story, was released one year later. Vivian followed in 2005. Both albums went Gold.

I had the privilege of seeing Vivian live in concert a few years ago in Chicago, and the girl is bad! What makes her different is that she sings about side effects of love without the anger and hate that you may hear from other artists. She's more of a "hey, this one just didn't work out but I'm going to learn from it" type of artist. This makes her so fly! Simply accepting what is....

In her new song, Beautiful (new album coming this Spring), she sings about a dude that she loved but the dude was too scared to love her back. So, Vivian is like, "ok, cool. But when you do find that lady that you're ready to take the risk with, here's what you need to know."

Take a listen, great song!

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