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Thursday, April 15

Listen To Your Life

Listen To Your Life is a very good book by life coach Valorie Burton, but it’s also the lesson that I was reminded of on Monday.

It was the day after I got back to Charlotte from the natural hair show in Atlanta. I was exhausted because I had only gotten a few hours of sleep before getting back up to drive to Raleigh for work. I was running late and rushed as fast as I could to get out of the house. The fast pace at which I was moving carried over to the highway. I found myself speeding on the way to Raleigh, and I remember telling myself, “Candace, you have to slow down. You’re doing too much and you’re moving too fast.” I took a few deep breaths and decided that I would relax a little once I got back. In that moment, I had to make sure I got to my destination at the time I was supposed to for a meeting.

I wish I would have listened to myself because about an hour and a half down the road, I got pulled over for going 75 in a 60. I thought, “it’s ok Candace, don’t panic.” And I stayed pretty calm…until I saw the fine on my citation….$380!! I wanted to get upset. (Actually, I did for about four minutes). Then I simply realized that this was just a really expensive lesson in listening to my life.

I finally made my way to Raleigh and had my meeting. Done. So, I started my trip back to Charlotte.

I stopped about an hour down the road to get gas. While I was filling up, I got on the phone with a friend. Soon after, I got back on the road only to find an hour later that I was back in Raleigh. Yep, when I got back on the highway after tanking up, I went the wrong way because the phone conversation distracted me. I was going in circles. Sigh.

These two events made for a really frustrating day but they also served as a reminder that it’s important for me (and every goddess) to listen to life.

My life was saying, “Candace slow down, or you’ll find yourself moving in circles.” Luckily, I got it. I heard life loud and clear. But what happens when we don’t listen to our lives? Life will present recurring situations until we learn the lesson it wants us to.

So, the best thing we can do is be in tune with ourselves and listen to what life is telling us.


CurvyGurl ♥ said...

I've read this too, and obviously needed a reminder because my life is screaming a few things. Thanks for posting!

Candace Avont said...

thanks for reading CurvyGurl! and listen to what your life is screaming :-)