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Sunday, May 2

How's Your Year Going?

You remember those goals you wrote down at the beginning of the year? I will lose 10 lbs....I will find a job....I will learn to say 'no'....I will start writing a book.....I will make more time for me.....I will take a vacation.....I will go natural.....

So, how's it going? Were your goals put on the back-burner only moments after you wrote them, or are you actively working on them?

We're only a month away from being halfway through the year, which would suggest that we should have, at least, made a dent in the goals that we set for ourselves.

If you haven't, don't let another day go by without pursuing them. Undoubtedly, goals change. Priorities shift. Life happens. No worries. You are allowed to switch things up. Revise your goals. Set new ones. Then update them again. As much as necessary.

Remember, this is your life. And you're in charge of freeing your goddess. No one else. Make sure you're holding yourself accountable.

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