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Sunday, May 23

Just One Of Those Moments

I was sitting down at my desk, typing away at my computer and playing Jill Scott in the background. I was focused on translating the thoughts in my head to the screen in front of me, so I wasn't really listening to the music--until this song came on.

It wasn't the chorus that got me, it was everything else that Jill said leading up to it. The lyrics almost perfectly match the space I find myself in right now. Don't get me wrong, life is good. I have great family and friends, a job that gives me autonomy and flexibility, a roof over my head, transportation, savings for a rainy day, my health and Jesus. So, what am I lacking? A fully revealed purpose. I say "fully revealed" because I have clues and hints but not the full picture. I understand that clues and hints are better than nothing at all, and I know that one day everything will make sense. Sometimes, though, Frustration pays me a visit when I dwell on the idea that God made me into an extraordinary human being who may not be using the gifts that He gave me to their full capacity.

But, hey, life is about trial and error. Life is about change. I'm just trying to figure this thing out.

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Shanel said...

beautiful song... love it..