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Thursday, June 3

I Just Think He's Fly: Common

Dang, what is it exactly about Common that I love? That's a hard question to answer.

It could be his style. Effortless and perfectly stated. Or perhaps it's his voice. Slightly hypnotizing. Or maybe it's just his rhymes, which explore topics beyond drugs, money, fame and sex.... Speaking of sex, maybe I love him because he's, well, sexy.

Or maybe I love his intelligence. I completely dig smart dudes. Better yet, I think I love him because of his versatility. Rapper. Actor. Spoken word artist. Or perhaps I love him for openly loving God.

Oh well, there isn't just one reason why I love Common. There's plenty. But one thing is for sure, he's one fly dude. And here' s one of my favorite Common songs (remixed).

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