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Monday, July 19

I Just Think She's Fly: India Arie

I love India Arie. She always sings songs I can connect to, starting with "Video." I never considered myself the average girl (from your video), partly because no one ever gave me a good reason to. I wasn't the most desired or sought-after chick in school. I don't have a huge booty. And I don't try to show off what I do have.

But I think I really fell in love with her when I heard "I am not my hair," which was released about 3 years after I cut all of my hair off and went natural.

It came out around the time I started thinking about making my own tshirts and believing I could launch a company.

India Arie has always sang the truth and, through the years, has stayed true to herself and her fans. Without doubt her music is honest and reflects her natural beauty.

Below is one of my favorite songs by Arie. I loop it whenever I need a little pick-me-up. Take a listen.

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