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Sunday, July 25

I Just Want To Tell You That You're Beautiful

I recall one day when I lived in Chicago, I was walking from my office building to the gym. I was standing on the curb waiting for the light to change colors so I could continue moving. As I was standing there, a random guy came up to me and said in such a sincere tone, "I just want to tell you that you're beautiful." A smile reflexively appeared on my face and I thanked him. Just a few moments later, the walking-man-light came on. So, I continued on in the direction of the gym and he continued on in another. That was it. He didn't ask me for my name or number. He just wanted to tell me I was beautiful and continue on with whatever he was doing. He literally made my day.

My girlfriends and I were at dinner the other night, and the topic of beauty came up. My friend told a similar story about how a guy in the grocery store stopped her and told her she was beautiful. And then resumed shopping.

These are great stories, but the rate of recurrence is fairly low. So my girlfriends and I asked each other if men really know how powerful the word 'beautiful' is. We questioned if they understand how being called 'beautiful' makes a woman feel? It is truly is one of the best things a guy can say to a female, especially if it's said without motive.

When the guy on the corner told me I was beautiful, I remember forgetting about everything else that was on my mind. I smiled the entire way to the gym, and I had a great workout.

Just think about what would happen if a man told a different woman everyday that she is beautiful; we could end world hunger and have peace on earth. Ok, not really. But there's no doubt things would be better.

(I believe most of my readers are women, so it's probably safe to assume this message won't get to many men. So, can you do me a favor? Tell the men in your life to, for one week, tell a different woman each day that she's beautiful. My guess is that they'll immediately notice how powerful the word is and what kind of effect it has on us.)


donna b. said...

Hey Candace,

I agree, when brotha's tell sistas that they're beautiful, it means so much more than some dude sayin' you're hot(usually with motive) me the word beautiful....emcompasses everything...cute, pretty, approachable, glowing, strong, confident, powerful, intelligent, queen...the whole to me, there's more sincerity, more depth behind being told you're beautiful, and more substance to a brotha who says it.

Candace Avont said...

absolutely donna b.!!!!! you always get what I'm sayin'!