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Monday, July 12

It's Against The Law of Physics

My eleventh grade physics teacher, Mr. McCormick, taught me that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. Energy can only be transferred. This widely known law of physics relates literally to thermodynamics (I had forgotten this until I looked it up) and metaphorically to my life.

Yep, I’ve done it—lived in the past. I’m guilty of bringing previous regrets, disappointments, and failures forward and depositing them into present moment. The truth is, we’ve probably all done it. At some point, each of us has likely wondered “how would my life be different if I did(n’t) do this or that or where would I be now if this or that did(n’t) happen?” The problem with this thinking, though, is that it won’t change our present lives because what would have happened didn’t happen. To live in the past means we identify with the past. And if we identify with the past, we can’t fully identify with the present. Why? Quite simply because it’s against the law of physics. Remember, energy can’t be created. So, any portion of our presence lived in the past diminishes the energy of our presence in the present.

So, why do we dwell on the past? Possibly because we haven’t accepted it. But, he’s gone. You bombed the interview. She cheated. Your mom had an addiction. You got pregnant. Your dad wasn’t really a dad. Someone else got the promotion. You didn’t get in. And the reality is, you can’t change any of that. So, instead of identifying with stuff we can’t change, we should use the past for enlightenment and redirect the energy we've given it to consciousness so that we can maximize the power of the present.

Remember when Lauryn Hill said in Ready or Not, “Two MCs can’t occupy the same space at the same time. It’s against the laws of physics?” Similarly, we can’t hold onto the past and aggressively grab the present because it’s against the law of physics. Our energy has to be transferred.

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