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Saturday, July 3

Karate Kid: Bringing Honor To Your Family

I went to the movies last week to see the new Karate Kid, a great story of redemption just like the original.

If you've seen the original, then the end the new Karate Kid won't be that surprising to you. Dre Parker (Jaden Smith) was fighting in a tournament and got hurt before the competition was over. The doctor advised him to stop fighting and not continue. The doctor said to Dre, "You have already brought great honor to your family." He wanted Dre to feel good about what he had already accomplished in the competition and how his actions had already brought a great deal of respect to his family.

This one scene made me think about my behaviors and actions in the context of my family. What if we all considered how our actions would (or would not) bring honor to our family before we actually did them? What if that was our filter? We'd probably change some things up.

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