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Saturday, August 14

I'm What I'm Working With

If you recall from an earlier post, I mentioned that my morning routine included listening to Steve Harvey's opening remarks on the radio and praying. We'll I've altered that a bit. I still pray. But instead of listening to the radio, I turn on the iPod, get on the floor and stretch.

The other morning, I decided to play "I Am....Sasha Fierce" by Beyonce. When I neared the end of my stretching session, "Ego" came on. I really like this song, so I started grooving and singing along...."I got a big ego...such a huge ego..."

Now, I've heard this song plenty of times, and I pretty much sing along from beginning to end. This time, however, I stopped on the line "I'm what I'm working with."

I thought about how I try to keep myself fit and together. Legs right. Booty tight. Weight light. So when I recalled the line in my mind, my initial reaction was, hell yeah, I'm what I'm working with! Then I paused because there was no way I could limit my flyness to a nice frame.

I'm intelligent. Compassionate. Hard-working. Focused. Silly. Authentic. Inspiring. Sophisticated. Confident. Sassy. Honest. Determined. Beautiful. Unstoppable. I'm amazing. I'm Candace Avont. (snap!)

After I ran through this list, my reaction to the line was still, hell yeah, I'm what I'm working with! But it had a different meaning. Everything about me is what I'm working with. And everything about you is what you're working with.

As goddesses, sometimes we forget just how bad ass we are. But it never hurts to remind ourselves. I just did, and it felt good!

So, hey....turn on some Beyonce, look in the mirror and remind yourself that you're the shit!!!!

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