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Thursday, December 23

Stop Wasting Time

This is the time of year when people traditionally reflect upon their lives, purpose, dreams, relationships, careers and so much more. And rightfully so. We’re about to embark upon a new time, one which will hopefully facilitate the birth of new opportunities, pursuits and mentalities.

As we take an inventory of the events and outcomes of 2010, we will likely recall how we procrastinated or wasted time, in one facet or another, resulting in the incompletion of a task or goal.

In the words of James Allen, “money wasted can be restored; health wasted can be restored, but time wasted can never be restored.”

My only urge for goddesses in 2011 is to stop wasting time. We can’t continue to make excuses about why we’re unemployed, alone, financially insecure, overweight or stagnant. We have to write out and execute a plan to overcome these obstacles—or whatever obstacles are preventing us from enjoying and living the lives we envision for ourselves.

In the end, the only thing keeping us from achieving our best selves is ourselves. So, as we flashback over the past year, I hope we can make a commitment moving forward to stop procrastinating, stop wasting time and simply get it done. Your goddess is waiting to be freed!

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