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Wednesday, February 9

From Conversation To Video: Finding Your Life's Purpose

I have so many fascinating conversations with my girlfriends, ranging in topic from the power of women to haircare to negative relationships. One day, my friend and I were discussing our purpose in life when she determined that our conversation should be turned into a video. I was game. So, we called up another girlfriend with the idea, and she was game too.

Our dialogue is typically very real and completely unsugar-coated, so I was a little confused about how it would translate to video. And you'll notice below that this one carries a light-hearted tone because we couldn't stop laughing at the idea that we were taping ourselves. But in between our giggles, you find useful tips on how you can go about discovering your life's purpose.

If we continue doing these, I promise we'll get better.....(and use better lighting)

**and because we're silly, we took on different names in this video.

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