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Friday, February 18

I Just Think She's Fly: Yaya

I became a Yaya fan during cycle 3 of America's Next Top Model. She's absolutely gorgeous!

I became more of a fan when I found out that she wasn't just some aspiring model looking for a quick break on a widely-broadcasted reality TV show. She was doing the damn thang before then!

Yaya is a graduate of Brown University with degrees in International Relations and African Studeies. And she's fluent in mutiple languages, including Portuguese, Spanish and French. By the reports, Yaya has been dancing and modeling for the majority of her life, and I get the sense from reading her story that she would have been hugely successful without the reality show (though, it did help).

Yaya serves as a perfect reminder that the Universe will align perfectly for us and big breaks will come once we commit to putting in diligent work and staying true to the best that is within us.

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