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Monday, March 28

What's Your Shade of Green?

Green. It’s a color that most of us wear but not every shade looks good on us. There’s green with envy, money green, environmental green, beginner’s green, and marijuana green. At some point in each of our lives, we’ve probably worn at least one of these shades. Which shade are you wearing?

Green with Envy. It could have been the skinny bella at work who set you off as you looked down at the 10 extra pounds clinging to your waist. Or maybe it was your friend’s near-perfect relationship that reminded you of your lack thereof. Or was it thoughts about your sibling’s professional success that led you to question your career? Whatever your reason is for wearing this shade of green doesn't matter.

Fashion consultants encourage avoidance of it as it tends to be unflattering and easily emphasizes the extra poundage you may be trying to lose.

Money Green. It’s hard not to be influenced by this shade of green, especially when society encourages possession of it. To stunt like people in music videos, you need it. To vacation like the folks on reality shows, you need it. And to simply pay the bills and keep gas in the car, you need it.

Fashion consultants advise that the motivation behind wearing this green mostly determines how it will look on you.

Environmental Green. Recycling instead of trashing. Biking instead of driving. Reusing instead of abusing.

Fashion consultants agree that taking steps to save our planet is always a good look.

Beginner’s Green. You've likely worn this hue at some point in your life if you’ve started something new without knowing all the ins and outs of the particular task. It could have been a new job, school, relationship, workout routine, or baby that elicited your inexperience.

Fashion consultants agree that this shade of green is OK to wear but not for an extended period of time. At some point it should be updated with a more ripened tone.

Marijuana Green. Weed, often referred to as ‘green,’ is a favorite shade for many people, and maybe you. It's said to have a calming effect and possess the ability to influence creativity, thought, and pleasure.

Fashion consultants warn that this color, despite its ability to calm and relax, can make you appear lazy and unmotivated.

So, what’s your shade of green? Have you worn any of these? We’d love to hear about alternate shades of green, too.


donna dorrane said...

My shade of green, would be 'money green'; especially since I'm on a 'paper' chase right now lol...but I luv this article, you put a different spin or twist on this article that seems to be a different style of writing for you...luv it.

Candace Avont said...

Hi Donna! Thanks for reading. I had a different sort of idea in mind, but this is how it came out. I'm glad you enjoyed it! I hope all is well!!