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Tuesday, March 8

Where Do Opportunities Come From?

Do opportunities fall from the sky, come about by chance, or live in the air? Are they reserved for the privileged and beautiful?

Not so much.

Opportunities come from you. You are responsible for creating, recognizing, and taking advantage of them. Simple as that.

When I initially considered this question, my first inclination was to say opportunities come from God. But since God lives in you…

I make the distinction between creating and recognizing opportunities because many people don’t always detect what they produce. For example, a person can create several opportunities by going to college. She may have a roommate whose father works in the same field she is studying. Without seeing this opportunity, though, she never thinks to ask her friend's father about setting up an informal interview, developing a mentorship or interning at his company.

You create opportunities by living. You recognize opportunities by focusing. And you position yourself to take advantage of opportunities by working…hard.

The beautiful thing about life is you create opportunities every day—opportunities to learn, grow, listen, build, love, help, and live on purpose. But many of them go unnoticed and pass right by.

So, here are a few tips to help you identify the opportunities you create:

1. Seek God’s guidance. Get focused on and connected to your inner light. It has the ability to shine brightly and illuminate opportunities you may miss with the naked eye.

2. Ask yourself questions. Is this an opportunity right in front of me? What would happen if I ___________?

3. View your environment through the eye of your interest. If you love dancing, lead your day with thoughts of dancing in mind. What you’ll start to see around you are opportunities to dance.

At the beginning and end of the day, you are responsible for creating, recognizing and taking advantage of opportunities. No one else. Nothing else.

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