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Thursday, November 3

Goddess Zuri is Closing | Entire Site $10!

For nearly four years, we've provided women with inspirational, unique t-shirts and accessories to reflect and glorify the natural beauty in them. And over the years, we continued bringing the inspiration through our blog which boasted messages of self-love and respect. Finally, we feel like our work is done and have decided to close up shop.

What this means for you is deep discounts on our remaining inventory. The entire site is now $10! And what this means for us is more time and energy to prepare for the next project.

Thank you for supporting Goddess Zuri with your purchases, blog comments, pictures submissions, social media posts, and overall eagerness to spread the word about our company. This isn't good-bye forever, but it is good-bye for now.

So, take a look around and fill your baskets up. From class tanks to bold tees, we're confident you'll find something to match your natural beauty identity. Our virtual doors will close on December 31st.


donna dorrane said...

noooooo cannnnnnndaccccce, don't do this to, I understand you gotta do what you gotta do. Thanx for being an inspiration to me, and for great thought-provoking posts in these 4 years. I await your next project. I know it'll be 'THA BOMBDIGGITY'.lol...Take care, and please e-mail me when your next project "drops".

Candace Avont said...

Hi Donna! thanks so much for supporting me throughout the years. You've been quite the inspiration as well.

I'll definitely keep you informed about where I'm headed. I'm preparing for some more exciting things!

If you can do me a favor spread the word about GZ closing, that would be terrific.

take care!

donna dorrane said...

no problem girlie...I'll post tomorrow. Stay blessed.

Mrs. Val said...

Oh wow! I wish I had of found this website earlier, but I will be making some purchases within the next couple of weeks. Your shirts have such nice messages and I can't wait to get a few to rock around my city! Be blessed in your future endeavors!

Candace Avont said...

Hi Ms. Val, thanks for finding us. I'm glad you found the site and the sale. I'll be on the look out for your order! Best.