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Monday, May 4

Goddess of the Week: Ebony T.

Name: Ebony T.
City: Newport News, VA
Hobbies: Dancing (liturgical/praise dancing), working out, shopping (isn’t this every women’s hobby?), traveling…soon to become an active traveler instead of a daydreamer.
What makes you a fly goddess?: I'm a child of God! That in itself makes me fly! I know that I’m fly regardless of what others may think. I think the key to being a goddess is having self assurance, along with humility. I’m vibrant, energetic and unselfish, sometimes finding myself catering to the needs of others above my own needs. I’m not concerned about what others think about me because I know who I am.
Advice do you have for women trying to free their goddess: Allow God to touch you and love you…with His love comes discipline, and with that discipline life becomes brand new. Seek Him and find out who you are in Him. Remember, history is nothing more than a story. Study it, learn from it, and keep it moving.

If you would like to be considered for Goddess of the Week, please send a photo along with the answers to the above questions to

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