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Wednesday, December 30

What You Struggle to Get, You Struggle To Keep

My friends know how much I love quotes, so one of my girls sent me this one, "What you struggle to get, you struggle to keep."

Initially, my mind disputed this statement thinking, sometimes you have to struggle and sacrifice to get what you really want. But then my thoughts went a little bit deeper and forced me to analyze the difference between working hard and struggling.

When we work hard, we increase the level of effort we put into specific tasks, whether they relate to work, school, or relationships. But when we struggle, we work hard with a degree of desperation and proceed in these tasks with difficulty.

The house that you struggled to live in into may be the same house that you're struggling to keep after your interest rates adjust. The man that you struggled to get may be the same man that you're struggling to keep interested. And the job you struggled to land may be the same job that you're struggling to prove your value in. The desperation that is generally associated with struggling influences us to make rash decisions and alter our true selves.

So, needless to say, the quote makes sense.

To all my goddesses, evaluate the things that you are struggling for and ask yourself, "Can I do this with the struggle? If not, is it worth it?" For some, the answer to the second question may be "yes," but for most, it will probably be otherwise.

Agree or disagree??


Kaya Cassan said...

I agree! If you are constantly struggling to keep your significant other interested to no avail. If you are stressed out at work trying to constantly prove yourself. If you have worked at something and have only hit a wall. Yes, it is time to let it go and find something else "worth" struggling for and just continue until you get in where you fit in. Love it!

Candace Avont said...

thanks Kaya!

Kim @ Black Style Central said...

I adore this advice. I feel like we waste so much time "on the grind" that we miss out on what life is really about.

Candace Avont said...

absolutely Kim. thanks for your feedback