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Wednesday, January 6

I Just Think She's Fly: Algebra Blessett

My friend gave me Algebra's cd last year. I had heard a little bit about her, but hadn't taken the time to listen to her music. So, when I got the cd, I popped it in, not really knowing what to expect. But after listening to track after track, my excitement grew. The cd was tight! Now, it's one of my go-to cds when the radio isn't hitting it. I especially love "Run and Hide."

I love her hair, muscles, style and music. Hey, I just think she's fly!

As an R&B solo artist with such a simple solution, when mainstream success seems to be more about the right hair, nails and make -up, Algebra is the perfect curriculum for breathing life back in to a genre overwrought by factory made clones. No stranger to performing, Algebra has been lending her melodic voice to projects and live shows for years. However, singing for other artists was about as out of character for her as having someone write songs for her. "Even when someone else wrote a song specifically for me, I felt like I was still being a background singer for myself." As the music scene in Atlanta became the hot bed of popular music, Algebra taught herself to play guitar and performed regularly at open mics. This pivotal point in her career afforded her the time to develop her writing and performance skills even further without the harness of a prescribed format. "Soon you learn not to care what others think, you learn to perform for you. I would come back week after week and I learned to perform for balance and for freedom. I was becoming alive."

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