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Saturday, January 30

I Just Think She's Fly: Amel Larrieux

If you remember, Amel Larrieux launched her career in the mid 90s as half of the duo "Groove Theory."

I didn't really start listening to her, though, until she broke out on her own years later. Many of her influences are drawn from R&B, soul, jazz, folk, hip-hop, and gospel with flashes of Middle Eastern, West African, and Indian ethnic styles. Needless-to-say, her fly and eclectic sound is far from mainstream which leaves her underrated and undiscovered by the masses.

Amel has some serious love songs on all of her albums. And when I was younger, the two that I swore were going to be played during my wedding were, "No One Else" and "Make Me Whole." I'm sure that each goddess wants a love like the one she describes in these songs.

But lately, I've had "Just Once" on repeat. The song reminds me that time shouldn't be wasted, life should be lived and happiness should be experienced. When you get a chance, check it out.

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