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Tuesday, March 9

Goddess Art: Black Fireflies

Black Fireflies by Paul Goodnight

I was initially attracted to this painting because of its vivid colors. Now when I look at it, all I see is freedom--freedom to move, dance and be. So, I thought it was pretty fitting to post on a blog called Free The Goddess :-)

These ladies look completely uninhibited (from everything) and seem to be glowing from the inside out, like fireflies. We could all take a cue from them.

The artist, Paul Goodnight, has an interesting story that I want to highlight here, taken from his bio:

"Art has been Paul Goodnight's saving grace in his recovery from his traumatic experience in Vietnam when he lost his ability to speak from seeing the horrors of war. Though some thought he had lost his mind, he knew he hadn't and began to communicate with his drawings of the horrors of war. With the regaining of his voice, he enrolled in Vesper George School of Art and eventually earned a Bachelor's Degree from Massachusetts College of Art in 1976. Goodnight has developed his own unique aesthetic philosophy to document the humanity of Black people around the world. He often incorporates African themes and symbols to provide depths of history and culture....."

His story is a testament to the fact that God will use everything around us, even the not-so-good stuff, to lead us to our purpose...if we let Him.

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