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Tuesday, March 2

Life Is Short: Hold Hands, Not Grudges

Today, I had an early morning meeting at one of my restaurants to conduct a customer service training. Since it was so early, I decided to buy the crew members coffee from Caribou Coffee located next door.

I walked in, placed my order and waited a few minutes for everything to be prepared. While I was waiting, I noticed a pamphlet on the counter that looked similar in style to something my company is producing as a take-away for our customers. So, of course, I was drawn to it and decided to pick it up.

With each page turn, I got a little bit more information about Caribou Coffee's start, where its beans come from and its philosophies. Caribou's tagline is Life is short. Stay awake for it. And as I read along, I started liking Caribou more and more. "Good marketing," I thought.

By this time, my coffee was done brewing and I was ready to go. I took the pamphlet with me, and read it again once my meeting was over.

My favorite two pages read this, Life is short. Hold hands, not grudges. Max out your passport. Grow older without growing up. Shave your head, at least once. Make time for silly. Savor every sip. Walk, don't drive. Skip, don't walk. Do it for love, not profit. Be the first to apologize. Plug the meter for someone else. Plant lots of trees. Learn to dance a jig. Listen first, talk second. Build communities, not empires. Thank a teacher. Stay awake for it.

Basically, ENJOY YOUR LIFE! Thanks Caribou, for the reminder.


shannon said...

So often we forget--and these little reminders are the very thing we need to remember to dance like no one is watching...even when the music stops...

Thanks for my reminder.

Candace Avont said...

exactly! and you're welcome :-)

Shannon Plummer said...

thanks for the reminder of what really matters!