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Sunday, April 25

Interview With A Goddess: Donna B. On Why She Quit Her 9-5

Many of us have found ourselves, at one point or another, complaining about our traditional 9-5 jobs....we don't get paid enough....we're not appreciated....we're not understood....we're ignored....we're not doing what we really want to (or should) be doing.

Donna B. got tired of making excuses. And after many rounds of internal deliberation, she finally quit her job. Here's what Donna has to say about the experience.

What were you doing in your 9-5? When did you quit?: I was employed as a secretary for a local government agency. I set myself free in July of 2009.

Were you financially stable when you quit?: No, no, and a thousand times no :-). I was not financially stable at the time, and I’m still not. I took a major leap of faith. Something came over me, last year, and I felt that I could no longer sit STATIC behind my desk--confined, stagnant, and unfulfilled. I needed to be free. Free to explore. Free to chart my own path. Free to navigate my own journey. Although it is a struggle financially, you’d be surprised how your journey inspires people to give freely. It’s amazing! I’d quit all over again.

What are you doing now?: I recently started a very humorous and “to-the-point” blog entitled, “The Sweet Potato Pie Chronicles” (I bake too), at which chronicles my journey, from the time I quit my job until now. I'm also on a quest to feature the dopest, most creative, artistic people I can find in Philly on my blog. Showcasing them will not only add enrichment to my own life, but will also raise awareness of how unique our city is.

I also use my time to volunteer for an organization in Philly called "The Preservation Alliance for Greater Philadelphia," whose sole purpose is to raise awareness on preserving historic land, commercial buildings, and homes. So my plate is quite full….but I’m a hustler….I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What plans do you have for yourself over the next 5 years?: In the next 5 years, I plan to self-publish and release my autobiography that I started writing in 2003 (and finally completed after quitting my job). I plan on making “The Sweet Potato Pie Chronicles” a household name in Philly and showcasing as much local talent as possible. I also plan on purchasing my dream home, volunteering at some of my favorite non-profits, learning to play an instrument or two, retiring and just enjoying life.

What advice to you have for goddesses who are thinking about leaving their jobs?: I’m a major risk taker when it comes to a lot of things in my life. What may seem like a “foolish” risk to others is a “calculated” risk to me. So, if you’re a risk taker, I say, “Just do it”. But if you’re not and want a more conservative approach, I say, "first envision where you want to be, write down your goals, and then start moving towards them." I also suggest that you prepare to leave your job. Prepare mentally, emotionally and financially because leaving a job is a major lifestyle change. Whether you’re leaving to pursue full-time entrepreneurship or switching careers in order to pursue a career that better aligns with your desires, preparation and sacrifice is key. Also take a page from other cultures--European, Asian, Latin. These cultures, from what I’ve seen, strongly believe in sacrificing and pooling their resources together in order to gain higher ground and financial independence – even if it means moving back in with their parents. That’s what I did.


Kaya Cassan said...

I loved this story. Very Inspiring! Thanks Donna B!

donna b. said...

you're welcome kaya, and thanx for reading. :)

p.s. I follow you're articles as well on divine caroline....and accidental b.