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Saturday, May 15

How Do You Jumpstart Your Day?

How you start your day can very well determine how your day, as a whole, will turn out.

If you get out of the bed dragging, chances are likely your entire day will drag along. If you begin your day in a bad mood, chances are that mood will linger.

On the contrary, if you wake up and get moving with a smile on your face, a thankful spirit and a little pep in your step, chances are likely that your day will be productive. It is also likely that you'll have a disposition allowing you to recognize and take advantage of the small opportunities that each day brings forth.

Well, I start my day with Steve Harvey. I set my alarm clock for 6:00 am just so I can hear his opening remark. If you're not familiar with the Steve Harvey Morning Show, it's a nationally syndicated radio show airing Monday thru Friday from 6-10 am in select markets. Steve begins each show with a 12 minute remark in which he gives honor and glory to God for the successes, setbacks and lessons he has experienced throughout his life journey. As crazy and ignorant as Steve Harvey is, his opening comments are encouraging and help me get my spirit right and day moving. After he finishes, I generally turn off my radio and pray. Then, I'm ready to go (usually...hey, I'm human. So, some days I drag, regardless of what Steve says).

Now, Steve Harvey is not for everybody, but I do think it's important for each goddess to have some kind of ritual for starting her day--something that will help her get moving and get excited about what the day has to offer. So, if you don't have a morning routine, I would suggest meditating, stretching, praying or dancing in front of the mirror to your favorite song.

If you haven't heard Steve's opening remark, click on his picture above or this link to get an idea of what gets me motivated each morning.

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