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Thursday, October 21

Like A Dog With A Collar

Last Sunday, in the middle of his sermon, my preacher told a story….Several years ago he went hunting with his buddy and a few dogs. They were in the woods having a good ole time, so it wasn’t until the end of the trip that his buddy realized one of his hunting dogs was missing.

They searched high, low and wide for the dog but had no luck in finding him. They didn’t want to leave without him, but the setting sun didn’t give them much of a choice. So, they drove back to their lodge, and prepared themselves to leave the next morning.

Early the next morning, my preacher’s buddy awoke to a phone call from his wife. She asked him if he lost his dog. He said that he had. She then told him that a man who lived in a house near their hunting site found his dog and called the number engraved on the collar. My preacher’s friend couldn’t have been happier.

So, they drove back to the hunting site and found their way to the man’s house to pick up the missing dog.

And that was the end of the story.

I thought it was a nice story with a happy ending, but I was a little bit confused about how it connected to his sermon. (But I wasn’t confused for very long).

My preacher likened us, God’s children, to the lost dog. He explained that, like the dog, no matter how lost we are or how far we stray, God has placed a collar on us to remind us who we belong to and aid us in returning to our owner.

Life’s obstacles, consequences and setbacks can easily make us feel disillusioned and cause us to lose faith in God and distance ourselves from Him. But we will likely not develop into the divine, powerful, balanced women God intended us to be without a close relationship with Him. Because having a close relationship with Him equates to having a close relationship with ourselves, our inner goddesses.

So if, for whatever reason, you find yourself lost in a place of hopelessness or spiritual bankruptcy, remember that you are like a dog with a collar and soon enough you’ll be returned to your owner.

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