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Thursday, November 25

Don't Forget To Be Thankful For Yourself

I look forward to drinking Yogi tea every morning, not necessarily for the tea itself but instead for the message attached to the teabag. Many of the notes have made their way onto my facebook status, and now I find myself turning this morning’s message into a post. It read, “Appreciate yourself and honor your soul.”

What a timely message for Thanksgiving. During this holiday, we routinely reflect upon the people and things we are thankful for: family, health, stability, love, friends, and the list goes on. But how many times have we been thankful for ourselves?

How often have we verbally given thanks for simply being us? I know it sounds like some kind of crazy Kanye exercise, but I think it’s important for us to appreciate ourselves just as we do the people and things we name in our Thanksgiving prayers. Appreciating ourselves also leads to the second part of this message, “honor your soul.” I think we are far less likely to commit treason against our spirit if we’ve truly learned how to appreciate it.

So, as you and your family go around the circle and announce what you’re thankful for, don’t forget to be thankful for yourself.

Happy Thanksgiving from Goddess Zuri.

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