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Wednesday, November 3

I Just Think She's Fly: Melissa Polinar

My friend sent me a link to a song by Melissa Polinar the other day. Her name may not ring a bell because her music isn't widespread like Joss Stone or Lauryn Hill. In fact, most of her celebrity can be credited to Youtube.

It took me a few days to actually listen to the song my friend sent because I didn't know who she was and was slightly uninterested in her music.

But one late night, I decided to click on the link. And I was amazed! Melissa's song are mostly originals, and her melodic voice is only accompanied by her guitar.

She has true, natural talent. Her voice is so clear and beautiful without the help of a recording studio.

I'm just a few clicks away from buying her cd, which can be found here.

Take a listen to one of Melissa songs below and be sure to look her up on Youtube.

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