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Wednesday, November 3

People Are Watching

A lot of parents tell their older children to be careful about what they do because their younger siblings watch them, take mental notes, and will eventually imitate their actions.

I’ve learned that this advice isn’t reserved for kids only. Adults should also be very conscious of their behaviors and lifestyles because children and other adults, alike, are paying attention. In fact, one of easiest way to help someone draw nearer to God is not necessarily through teaching the Bible, inviting him/her to church, or passing out pamphlets, but rather through your living example of goodness, morality, humbleness, thankfulness and passion.

I’ve often heard my preacher say that when you meet God in heaven, he’s not going to ask you about how much money you put in the offering plate or how many Bibles you passed out. Instead he’ll ask about how many people you led to Him. Because when people see you, God’s hope is that they see Him.

The way we live can be God’s biggest piece of evidence to non-believers that He lives (or He doesn’t). If we truly consider ourselves goddesses, we should live God-like lives--lives based in love, respect, compassion, and integrity.

So, be mindful about what you say and do. Because people are watching.

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