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Thursday, January 13

Does He Know What It Looks Like At Night?

Your man digs your style and loves your hair, but does he know what it looks like at night? This is a question my girlfriends and I asked ourselves a few nights ago.

Many people hold the erroneous belief that natural hair is easier to manage than relaxed hair. Little do these people know, women with natural hair can deal with more challenging, more disobedient, and more reckless hair than that of their relaxed counterparts.

In order to tame our hair and prepare it for the style we plan to rock the next day, we can spend hours in front of the mirror twisting or braiding it. And after we’ve finished, we can look like Medusa.

I have a friend who is in a new relationship. Every time her beau sees her, her hair is fly, so she has anxiety about what his response will be when he sees it for the first time in its prep style. How do you introduce your man to bedtime hair? Do you just do what you do and act like it’s no big deal? Do you give him a warning before you start? Or do you forgo the prep style whenever he’s around?

It’s an interesting conversation, and the simple answer is, find a man who loves you and doesn’t care what your hair looks like. But, let’s face it, men are visual creatures. I’m not a man, but I think it’s safe to assume that plaits all over his woman’s head are less than sexy to him. So do we balance the twists with boyshorts and a tshirt? Or better yet, our birthday suit?

I don’t have the answer, but I’m guessing men who are married to or dating natural women do….I think I need to interview a few of them!

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