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Tuesday, January 11

The Goddess Code: “G” Explained

Over the past two years, I’ve been blogging about how freeing our inner goddess allows us to get the best out of life and, in turn, allows life to benefit from the best in us.

I thought it would be fun and challenging to try to explain what a goddess is using the letters that make up the word. So, over the course of the year, I will make seven posts to explicate what I think composes a goddess.

G is for Graceful. Displaying ease and suppleness of movement in form or action. A goddess is graceful, not only as she moves through a room, but also as she moves through life. The gracefulness that allows her to be heard without speaking, felt without touching and seen without trying, is the same gracefulness that allows her to bend without breaking, help without hindering, and take control without controlling.

Her grace prevents difficult life experiences from knocking her down and permits her to press on with fluidity.

Have you ever met a woman who you know is experiencing an obstacle but she operates with such certainty and smoothness that you often forget about her situation? She puts the G in goddess. We all can put the G in goddess once we eliminate the rigidity we impose upon ourselves and simply let our gracefulness take over.

Gracefulness is about flow, and goddesses don’t let anything or anyone interrupt their flow. As we choose and assess friendships, relationships and even careers this year, we should evaluate how they positively or negatively affect our flow. Being graceful is natural and should not require much effort. In fact, we negate gracefulness when we desire or over-think it. It’s already there. So, relax, and let it surface. When we do, we will be freeing our goddess.

In a nutshell, a goddess is graceful, and she:

Operates (in the world),

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