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Monday, January 17

What My Third-Eye Chakra Showed Me

When I peeked into an ordinary day in my future, the image I saw with my third-eye chakra was so clear. I saw my children, a boy and a girl, laying on a brown, leather couch in their pajamas watching cartoons while their dad made breakfast. My little girl’s hair was long, medium-brown and all over the place! She was trying to focus on the TV show but her brother kept pestering her. So, when the kids got a little rowdy, my husband told them to chill out and get cleaned up for breakfast. The house we lived in was nice, spacious and open with a connected kitchen and living room. Just before breakfast was ready, I walked down the stairs in a blue bathrobe. (My husband let me sleep in after a tiring day). I made my way over to the stove where he was standing and gave him a kiss.

This is the vision I got two months ago when a yoga instructor told me to focus on my third-eye chakra and imagine my future.

According to, the third-eye chakra is “the source of our intuition and clairvoyance (vision beyond ordinary sight) as well as our ability to visualize and manifest.”

I don’t know much about chakras, but since that yoga class, the vision has persisted and led me to two conclusions.
1. Yoga can provide clarity.
2. I like what I see in my future.

So, what’s your vision? If you're not exactly sure, try out a local yoga class to help you see clearer.

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