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Monday, February 7

The Goddess Code: "O" Explained

What composes a Goddess? In seven posts over the course of the year, I will use the letters that spell “Goddess” to explain what she is truly made of. G is for Graceful.

O is for Optimistic. Anticipating the best possible outcome. A goddess knows she can mold every situation to her liking through positive thoughts and actions. She understands that at the back of every occurrence, there is a lesson to be learned and experience to be gained. So, she focuses not on the situation itself but instead the message it carries.

Her optimism is rooted in reality and faith, and it prevents her from defeating (or giving up on) herself. It is her optimism that gives her momentum and allows her to rebound from job-loss, remain open after heartbreak, move past disappointment, and persevere through complacency. In essence, her optimistic perspective permits her to enjoy life despite life.

It is oftentimes easier for people to wallow in their less-than-favorable circumstances, seek sympathy, and ask "why me?" But a goddess waste little time following these thought processes because she knows she is as she thinks. And to bring out the best in her, she knows she must not merely exist. But she must live--with optimism.

In a snapshot, a goddess is Graceful and Optimistic. And she:

Glows with

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