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Monday, February 7

Goddess of the Week: Janice B.

Name: Janice B.
Hometown: Houston, TX
Hobbies: traveling, blogging, watching documentaries, researching, and of course listening to all sorts of music.
What makes you a fly goddess?: The fact that I follow my dreams and place foot, tooth, brain, nail, melanin, bones, and blood into manifesting them, is one of the reasons why I feel like a fly goddess. I genuinely love what I do, and am very grateful to be able to make a living from it. Additionally, I choose to seek understanding and value each relationship and situation beyond its “surface material.” I live life abundantly, and I aim to continue to be a resource to all people around me.
What advice do you have for women who are trying to free their goddess?: Just a few notes...
1. Live life abundantly. Scarcity and competition is an illusion.
2. Goddess be nimble. – Change comes in the form of evolution and revolution. Be prepared for both, and embrace it.
3. Mind your mind.
4. Everything you know and feel isn’t public property, nor should it ever be. If you leave your “items” on a “community table”, don’t be upset with what is done with it
5. This is life, life is good, NO exceptions.

For more information on Janice and what she's up to, check her out on the web.

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