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Wednesday, February 2

Mastery of Fate

I have a soft spot for books that encourage readers to dream big, think positive, love life and have faith. One of my favorites that falls into this motivational category is As a Man Thinketh by James Allen. I often re-read it when I feel a bit unmotivated and unfocused, and it never fails to get me back on track.

Another rousing book I discovered recently is Mastery of Fate by Christian D. Larson. I wanted to know more about Larson after reading and loving a quote from him that I found on a magnet. So, I searched on Amazon and came across several of his works. After reading the opening lines of Mastery of Fate, I ordered it.

The book begins, “What man is, and what man does, determines in what conditions, circumstances and environments he shall be placed. And since man can change both himself and his actions, he can determine what his fate is to be. To change himself, man must change his thought, because man is as he thinks; and to change his actions, he must change the purpose of his life, because every action is consciously or unconsciously inspired by the purpose held in view.”

This little book is powerful. Every word on each of its 95 pages instantly motivated and inspired me to shape my future and mold my destiny. Each goddess should read it and keep it close to reference. You can download it for free here.


Kaya Cassan said...

i love this and will be downloading the book!

Candace Avont said...

Thanks Kaya for reading!