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Sunday, May 29

Eat Well, Be Beautiful

There is no universal definition of beauty. No rules on how long your hair should be, how tall you should stand, how much weight you should carry nor how much melanin you should possess.

In fact, my personal definition of beauty only requires two things, both of which are related to eating well. Confidence and good health.

What we eat can play a big role in determining our weight, the clarity of our skin, the shininess of our hair and the strength of our nails. All of which are common factors that can affect our confidence; so, it’s no stretch to say the effects of what we eat can build up or deflate the way we feel about ourselves; and there’s no doubt that what we eat is directly related to how we feel. Beauty is about taking care of ourselves, not necessarily about keeping ourselves up. The latter deals primarily with attention to the exterior. Developing healthy habits like eating small, regular, wholesome meals help cultivate beauty from the inside out. Eating healthy, in concert with exercise, can elevate our confidence, energy, strength of mind and body and help us maintain a healthy attitude.

Real beauty requires confidence and good health and starts with eating well.

Here are a few suggestions:

* Increase Metabolism: hot peppers, whole grains, broccoli, green tea, salmon, tuna
* Healthy Skin: salmon, sunflower seeds, sweet potatoes, spinach, turkey
* Shiny Hair: carrots, cantaloupe, wild salmon, tuna, walnuts, beets, berries, flaxseed
* Strong Nails: garlic, apples, onion, gelatin

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